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Fresh, Clean Ohio Food Delivered Weekly

Fresh, Clean Ohio Food Delivered Weekly

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Yellowbird Foodshed CSA Policy

Our CSA program offers an opportunity to celebrate and value the delicious, local food produced by sustainable farms within our region. We want to make the process as simple as possible so you have more time to brag about the local deliciousness found in your CSA share. Please read the following so you understand how it works. We work hard to provide a CSA program that offers convenience and is worry-free for our community.

Signing Up – When you sign up for our CSA program, a secure, online member profile is created for you. You can view and edit your account, change your credit card information, or password just by signing in to your account.
Payments – When you make a payment for your CSA share, a confirmation email will be sent. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website. Our order site is run by Farmigo and your information is stored securely.

Missed Payments – It’s 1…2…3 strikes you’re out at the ole…ball…game. With the increase in members, comes an increase in tracking down payments.  We realize that cards expire, accounts get compromised, and accidents happen.  Our system automatically sends you a notice for 5 straight days if your payments continue to get declined.  We will also personally reach out after that to make sure that we can get your payment info updated or handle the situation however is appropriate.  Getting behind a week or two on payments happens occasionally and we are fine continuing to send your food boxes each week, but if we get out more than 3 weeks on delinquent payments, we will suspend the account until we can get caught up.  Payments can always be made with a credit card over the phone or a check in the mail and as soon as they are caught up, we will turn the deliveries back on.

Putting Boxes on Hold – Due the to the nature of our business, our orders to the farms go out the week prior for each food box delivery.  In other words, we need to know ASAP if you need a box held on any given week.  Your account allows you to login and put holds on at any time so that you can plan ahead.  Each week we will send a note out on Wednesday evening to remind you that your holds have to be placed no later than Thursday at midnight.  After that, a hold can still be placed but there will be a $15 fee to cover the cost of the food that we have ordered for you.

Picking Up Your Order – You will have the option to select the most convenient day and location. Please remember to pick up your CSA share at the designated location.

Missing Your Pick Up – If you miss your pick up please let us know. If you do not make pick-up during the time allotted your box will be donated or taken to a backup location. While we do our best to get you your veggies, we can only guarantee veggie delivery at the location and time you have signed up for, so we are unable to credit you for missed pick ups.

Cancellations – Membership cancellations received within 14 days of registration may be eligible to receive a full refund. Cancellations will be accepted via e-mail at Refunds will be issued by check or to the original credit card that was used for payment. Cancellations made after Sunday night at midnight are subject to a $15 fee to cover the cost of the food that we have ordered for you.

If you are unable to pick up your box and would like to donate a box to a local food pantry, contact and we will gladly make that donation on your behalf.

Holidays– We will give you plenty of notice about holiday date changes.
Privacy Policy – We do not sell, rent or give our email list, customer list or any personal /financial information to anyone.

Our Commitment – The Yellowbird Foodshed is committed to providing fresh, local food to the community of Columbus, Ohio through a CSA Program. If for any reason, you are not happy, please let us know at We take great pride in the high quality of our fresh produce and want to know if we have not met your expectations.

We love talking about food so if you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

Fresh from the Farm

Urban Farms of Central Ohio (one of our partner farms) is dedicated to transforming vacant sites in under-served neighborhoods into productive, sustainable urban farms that provide food insecure residents access to fresh, local produce and opportunities for civic engagement.

Straight to your Plate

@Darista This entire "trail mix" salad is made up of all Ohio farm goodies from @yellowbirdfoodshed CSA tossed in a Sesame-Harissa dressing. {Roasted carrots and beets, shaved radish, microgreens, lettuce, green onion, cilantro, purslane, kale chips and sunflower seeds} #veggies #yellowbirdfoodshed #614food #614columbus #livelocalcbus #lifeincbus #healthyeats #healthyfood #healthycooking