About Us

We want the community of Columbus, Ohio to connect through local food and celebrate it. When you become a member of the Yellowbird Foodshed, you are joining a community that supports local farmers and cares about creating a sustainable local food system for Ohio.

The Yellowbird Foodshed partners with a network of small, sustainable farms to provide the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area with fresh, quality food that is grown with intention. Our goal is to support the region by creating a sustainable food system that is locally-based and provides access to good food. We believe that you should know where your food is coming from and we want to provide a clear connection from farm to fork.

The Yellowbird Foodshed delivers direct access to local food in a real way. It began with the question of where our food was coming from and evolved into a very simple idea, give people a place to find local food that was raised from farms in the community. Good food is the result of hard work and careful consideration by small family farms who take great pride in their sustainable methods in order to provide food that members of Columbus, Ohio can value. The Yellowbird believes it is time we all start asking, “Who Grew your Food?” Join us in supporting local food and local farms in our region.