Add-On Shares

Are up looking for pasture-raised meats, grass-fed cheeses and farm fresh eggs that offer the same high-quality and complete traceability that the CSA share offers? No problem. Simply add-on one of the options listed below.

Add-on Share Options


The pasture-raised chicken found in the Add-On Chicken share is provided by Sweet Grass Dairy farm located in Fredericktown, Ohio. The Colemans take great pride in raising their chickens on fresh pasture. Their rotational grazing system offers quality nutrients found in the grasses, legumes and bugs needed for whole, healthy chickens. There are no added hormones or antibiotics because they simply are not needed. This add-on share offers about 16-20 lbs of frozen pasture-raised chicken meat.

Bi-weekly distribution – $25


The pasture-raised pork found in the Add-On Pork share is provided by the Yoder farm in Hillsboro, Ohio. Andy Yoder raises heritage Tamworth and Berkshire Cross breeds and ensures the highest quality of pork meat by allowing them to root and forage in open fields. The Add-On Pork share offers between 16-20 lbs of frozen ground pork sausage, pork shoulder roasts and pork center roasts.

Bi-weekly distribution –  $25


The cheeses found in the add-on cheese share are a mix of Ohio Artisan Cheeses from places like Wholesome Valley, Paint Valley, Kokoborrego, Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery, Pearl Valley, and Blue Jacket Dairy. Members typically receive 2 different varieties with each cheese distribution. Examples of some of the varieties are cheddar, mozzarella, feta, cheese curds, and chevre.

Bi-weekly distribution: $14.00 (usually includes 2 packages of cheese, typically 8-16 oz)


Grass-fed ground beef from red angus cattle raised in Saint Paris, Ohio on Old Souls Farm.

Bi-weekly distribution: $15 (2 pounds)



Pasteurized Grade A Golden Guernsey Milk from Paint Valley Farm in Wilmot Ohio available in both 2% and Whole. **Golden Guernsey cows produce milk with the A2-A2 beta casein which is easier to digest than other milk

95% A2 Protein
More Beta Carotene
Higher B1 & B12
Lower Cholesterol
Higher Naturally Occurring Vitamin D
Higher Vitamin A

Cost per week: $5.00 for 1/2 gallon


The pasture-raised eggs found in the Add-On Egg share are provided by Pheasantview Family Farm in Fredricktown, Ohio and Two Daisy Farm in Radnor, Ohio along with Copia Farm in Johnstown, Ohio and Sweet Grass Dairy in Fredericktown, Ohio.  All 3 farms are dedicated to raising their chickens on protected pastures in the fresh, open air. We intentionally plan with these farmers in order to provide farm fresh eggs every week of the season. This add-on share offers a dozen eggs per week throughout the season.

Cost per week: $4.50