Farm Food Box Program

Each week of the season, we provide the best local food located within 150 miles of Columbus, Ohio for our Yellowbird members to celebrate and enjoy.

Fresh Produce

Pasture-Raised Meats

Artisanal Cheeses

Free Range Eggs

The Yellowbird Foodshed partners with a network of local, sustainable farms to offer a multi-farm Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) program to the region of Columbus, Ohio.

The team at the Yellowbird Foodshed sources food from small-scale farmers in order to provide a healthy product for our community.  Each week we deliver this delicious and fresh food to convenient pickup locations throughout the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio.  Our mission is simple.  We want to build a sustainable food system by supporting as many family owned-and-operated farms as we can.  

Every week, we send a newsletter full of recipes, storage recommendations, and tips to help our members create meal plans.

Click Here to see what was in past newsletters and csa shares.


Our Farm Food Box program provides weekly shares for our members.  We intentionally plan our program based on what fresh, seasonal varieties are available within our region and what our Yellowbird Foodshed community can plan meals around. All you have to do is pick the time and place that works best for you and we will meet you there. A list of available public pickup locations can be found here.

Winter Food Box

Our Winter Food Box program runs 8 weeks, with bi-weekly deliveries January to March

Spring Food Box

Our Spring Food Box program runs 6 weeks, April to June. Click below for more details.

Summer Food Box

Our Summer Food Box program runs 16 weeks, June to September. Click below for more details.

Fall Food Box

Our Fall Share runs a total of 8 weeks, October to November. More Information coming soon.

We offer convenient CSA pickup locations throughout the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio.

Please note that some locations offer a pre-packed distribution style (we pack it for you) and a market-style distribution style (you hand-select the varieties you would prefer from our on-site market).

Share Sizes for our Food Box Program

Welcome to the Base Share.

Our Base CSA Share offers 8 to 10 different varieties of fresh, local food and is recommended for the average household.  Want to see past examples of what was in the base share size? Check it out!

Don't think that's enough? Try our Full Share.

Our Full CSA Share offers 12 to 14 different varieties of fresh, local food and is recommended for larger families or those who love to cook. It is also a great size for those focused on a plant-based diet or those who want the freshest, cleanest produce to juice and blend. Need to see what the full share size looked like in the past? No problem, look here.

Want to add local meats, eggs, and cheeses to your share? Perfect.
We have you covered.Click on any of the Add-On Shares below for more