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Fresh, Clean Ohio Food Delivered Weekly

Fresh, Clean Ohio Food Delivered Weekly

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We work hard to make our Weekly Food Box program as convenient and worry-free as possible. Below you can find many common questions.

Can I ever skip my box?
Yes! You can place your box on hold for any week and for any reason that you need to skip it. If you place your hold before our Thursday night deadline there is no hold fee!

Am I charged for weeks I skip my box?
Check out our hold policy about specific fees for late holds But if you place your hold early enough, you do not pay for the weeks you place a hold. If you pay debit on delivery you will not be charged for that week. If you paid in advance we can transfer that balance to a new season, transfer it to store credit, or send you a refund check

Is there a fee if I need to hold my box?
As long as you place your hold for the following week by Thursday at midnight there is no fee for placing your box on hold.

What if I place my hold after Thursday at midnight?
If you place your hold after Thursday at midnight for the following week you will be a charged a $15.00 late hold fee to help cover the partial cost of the food we would have already ordered for you.

How do I place a hold?
You can log into your account and select the dates you wish you hold. Alternatively, you can email the dates you would like to hold and she will take care of it for you. You can place holds as early as you’d like!

Can I donate my box a week I need to skip instead of placing a hold?
Absolutely! Just email the date(s) you would like to donate your box, and instead of placing the hold we will skip your box by donating it to a family in need.

How is my box donated?
We work with the YMCA after-school programs, and donate some boxes to children who attend those programs to share with their families. We also donate to their senior programs for people who are changing their diet in hopes of getting off their medication.

Can I change my pick-up location if something better works for me?
Absolutely! You can change your pick-up location from your account, or you can email the date you would like to switch to your new location.

Can I sign-up anywhere?
Most of our drops are open to the public, so feel free to sign up at any one of those locations! If you see something that says Closed to the Public or Employees only you would need access to the building in order to get your box.

I can’t make my usual pick-up day/time but still want my box, what are my options?
You can check the site for other pick-up locations and times that would work better for you and email your updated pick-up location for that week. You also can opt in for home delivery through our app!

What do you mean by sustainable?
When we say sustainable we mean 100% of our veggies, meat, and dairy are non-gmo, grass-fed, and free pastured. All of the small family farms we work with follow these practices. It is important to us that every single step of our food system – from the soil, to the animals, to our farmers, and to you – is treated with great value and care.

Do you offer any local Ohio products other than veggies?
Yes! We offer beef, poultry, pork, cheese, milk, and eggs as a weekly subscription. We also offer other local Ohio products on our online store:

How do add-ons work?
Add-ons are also subscription based and deliveredas a weekly/bi-weekly subscription depending what item you choose. You can read more here about the add-ons we offer:

Where are my add-ons?
Please check out our locations page to see where your items are located at your drop: Add-ons are packaged separately from your veggie box and are with all similar add-ons in one box. Please be sure to open the add-on box and only take the add-on with your name label on it.

What is offered on your online store?
Our online store offers many different Ohio products that can help you complete your weekly grocery list including coffee, dairy, pasta, snacks, honey, sauces, and canned goods!

How do I receive the items from the online store?
After you place an order you will receive an email confirmation when your items will be delivered. On that delivery day be checking for an extra box(es) with your name label on it and store items listed as we pack store orders separately from your veggie boxes. ***Certain store items are on a delay for ordering purposes, and we will reach out to regarding those items.

What veggies are common during the Spring season?
During the Spring season we offer: kale, chard, spinach, collards, carrots, green onion, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, beets, arugula & more!

What veggies are common during the Summer season?
During the Summer season we offer: tomatoes, peppers, green beans, kale, potatoes, watermelon, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, red raspberries, strawberries & more!

What veggies are common during the Fall season?
During the Fall season we offer: acorn squash, beets, butternut squash, lettuce mix, kale, spinach brussels sprouts, turnips, radishes, rutabaga & more!

I love veggies but I want to pick what’s in my box.
As much fun as getting a surprise box each week is, we know that meal planning and preparation is an important part of your routine! If you’d like to have more control over what you’re getting each week check out one of our market styles where you can bring your own reusable bag and pick the veggie varieties you want! That means, more of what you love and none of what you don’t! Read more at

What is the difference between your base share and full share?
The Mini contains 6-8 varieties of veggies, Base shares contain 8-12 varieties of veggies, and Full shares contain 12-16 varieties of veggies.

How do I know which share is best for me and my family?
For singles and couples who eat a meat and veggie diet/eat out a few times a week, we recommend trying our Mini Box. We recommend most of our members to start out with a Base Share and see how that suits them. If you are a larger family, vegetarian, vegan, or eat most of your meals at home we would recommend the Full Share for you. If you choose the wrong size, no problem! Just email and she’ll switch your subscription for you for the following delivery.

What if someone in my family has a food allergy or we have food guidelines (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, paleo)
Please email your food allergies/restrictions and we will add your name to our dietary restrictions list. When that food item comes up we will substitute it for an extra veggie or comparable stored good.

What is this veggie?
Is there a veggie in your box that you have NO IDEA what it could be? Email and she can send you a direct link to our online newsletter to help you identify your veggie. Alternatively, you can just send her a picture of your veggie and she’ll help you out.

What if there is something in the box I don’t know how to cook?
One of the greatest features of your subscription is your online newsletter. Each week with your box we will send a newsletter to your email letting you know any events we have coming up, farms we want to feature, as well as pictures of EVERY SINGLE ITEM in your box, storage tips, and recipes!

Where do you get your veggies from?
We work with sustainable farms all located in Ohio! Check out our farm’s page for more information on the farms we work with, how they got started, and the delicious veggies they provide us with each week!

Where do you get your meats from?
We only work with Ohio Farmers who raise their animals on open pasture and grass. Check out the specific farmers, as well as their processes, at this link:

What is your cancellation policy and is there a fee?
If your food subscription becomes inconvenient for you, you can cancel your box at any time, so why wait to get delicious food on your plate! **Your cancellation will be effective immediately. If you choose to cancel after Thursday at midnight for the following week you will be charged the cancellation fee of $15.00 to help to cover the partial cost of the food we would have already ordered for you.

Can I return my box for you to reuse?  Due to food safety rules we are unable to reuse the boxes, but we recommend recycling, or using the box to store your potatoes/onions/garlic!

What do I do with my home delivery tote? If you plan to receive a delivery that week and your box is not on hold place your totes and ice packs outside by Tuesday at 10pm if your drop day is Tuesday/Wednesday, and Friday at 9am if your drop day is on Friday. If you are skipping home delivery a certain week we will be skipping your house so no need to set your tote outside, we’ll get it the following week.

How do I get my refer a friend bonus? Have your friend put your name in the promo code box at check out and we’ll get those credits to you!

How can we get connected?
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