It’s NOT About Losing the Weight.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How many times can we make that resolution?  Of course, we could all be 10 pounds lighter and be better off for it.  The 10 pounds, however, is not the problem…it is only a symptom of the problem.

THE PROBLEM…is that we are overworked, over rushed, and over stressed.  We are constantly bombarded by advertisements telling us that if we only would buy this certain type of dish soap, that everyone in our life would suddenly be better off.  Our kids would behave, our bosses would see that we deserved a raise, and lots of people would suddenly decide that they wanted to be friends with us.  Trust me, I own cases of this stuff and none of the magic listed above is happening!

Stop it.  Stop believing that there is magic dish soap that will make our lives easier.  Stop thinking about the 10 extra pounds that you think is the reason that you are not happier.

Walk with us this year through a journey to a less complicated life.


Slow down with us and learn about how to find, clean, prepare, and cook your way to a life that centers around a dinner table, with time to connect, and ingredients that work together.  Some of that journey will be about the food itself, some of it will be about you, but all of it will work together to get you on a path to healing the PROBLEM, not just the SYMPTOMS.

We will be bringing you all kinds of topics but we really want to have a conversation with you…what are you interested in?