Want to Join a Community that supports the small, sustainable farm and celebrates the fresh quality of local food?

The Yellowbird Foodshed only partners with local farms that are committed to using sustainable agriculture methods. The practice of sustainable agriculture works efficiently with natural processes and encourages biodiversity. Farmers who take a sustainable approach work with the environment instead of struggling against it and utilize the most current knowledge and technology available to avoid the use of chemical-based agriculture. We understand that many farms cannot afford the expense or do not want to undergo the process of organic certification so we do not make that a necessary requirement but we do make want to make sure that we are only partnering with farms that are dedicated to the same values the community of the Yellowbird Foodshed holds in such high esteem.

All of our partner farms must use the following sustainable agriculture practices:

  • Crop Rotation
  • Cover Crops
  • Soil Enrichment
  • Natural Pest Predators
  • Biointensive Integrated Pest Management
  • Managed Grazing
  • Non-GMO seed
  • Does not practice chemical-based agriculture

In otherwords, we ask that our partner farms grow good food the way it was intended.

Are you a local farm who is dedicated to sustainable agriculture practices? Do you believe you have a quality product that should be celebrated and valued by the community of Columbus, Ohio? Perfect. You are exactly what we are looking for.

Drop us a note.