Top 5 Reasons to Join a CSA

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Top 5 Reasons to Join a CSA

In celebration of National #CSAday on Friday, February 24th, we’re listing out our favorite reasons to join a CSA. Here goes:

REASON #5  |  To finally figure out what CSA stands for!
Canadian Starfish Association?!? Not quite – Community Supported Agriculture. By taking part in our CSA, you’re not only supporting the local economy, but you’re drastically simplifying your efforts to acquire high quality, chem-free and local food. It’s a win-win for everyone.

CSA – “A particular network, or association of individuals, who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.”

REASON #4  |  Local Agriculture Support
Soil, Water, Seed, Families, Air…sounds like a band from the 70’s. In all seriousness, purchasing a local farm food box is voting with your fork and telling the world what YOU want the food system to look like. Fair, clean, sustainable, and flavorful.


REASON #3  |  Value
So much food for so little investment. Learn more about our offerings and pricing here. 


REASON #2  | Variety
All that your region has to offer, all in the correct season. Heirloom varieties, unique produce and artisanal Ohio goods delivered directly to you.


Picked fresh, grown clean…get ya some! Let us be your local food gurus. We’re constantly partnering with farms in search of the most wonderful, nutrient-dense, clean food available in Ohio.

We can’t emphasize these things enough.

If you can, grow your own food. If you can’t, let us find it for you.

Our Multi-Farm model allows us to:

• Find the freshest, tastiest, healthiest food in Ohio

• Give business to MANY growers that are looking to reach the public but want to stay on their land instead of trying to figure out marketing or stand at farmer’s markets

• Create a variety over 36 weeks of deliveries a year, supplying our shareholders with produce, meat, cheese, eggs and grains.

Supply  truly local food ALL YEAR round!


Join us in celebrating National #CSAday by sharing the good word of great food! Already a YB lover? Let everyone know that you #votewithyourfork by updating a temporary profile pic on Facebook. Get your profile picture here.

Haven’t tried a Yellowbird Farm Food Box yet? Each and every individual who reserves their 2017 box this week will be eligible to WIN FREE YB MERCH.  Visit our CSA page to learn more, and click here to be directed to our shop.