Celebrate and enjoy Fresh, Local Food from Small, Sustainable Farms With The Yellowbird Foodshed Farm Box!

The Yellowbird Foodshed partners with a network of small, sustainable farms in order to provide a direct connection from the farm to your table. Through the weekly food box program, we give the community a convenient way to access fresh, local food and have a true connection between farm to fork.

Want to know
Who Grew Your Food?

In our weekly newsletter, we will identify each farm that your food came from and how to prep, cook, and store your produce.

Good food means fresh, local and sustainable.


The Yellowbird Foodshed is committed to hyper-local food and provides complete traceability so you will have a true connection from field to fork. Our partnership with a network of Ohio farms allows us to make sure that we deliver a product that is harvested at its peak and delivered directly to you.


The local food found in our weekly food box is full of flavor, texture and nutrients because it is raised in a healthy, biodiverse environment located within 150 miles of Columbus, Ohio. Why choose food from thousands of miles away when it is being grown within our own communities?


We only partner with farms who have chosen not to use harsh chemicals and practice sustainable agriculture methods that cultivate both the plant and the soil. We understand how difficult it has become to try to determine the meaning of all the different labels that are now used to describe our food so we wanted a place where people could trust that the food is good for both your health and the environment.

When you become a member of the Yellowbird Foodshed, you are joining a community and casting a vote that supports local farmers and cares about supporting local food. ENJOY!