You can skip your delivery for any week for any reason! Hold requests need to be made by Sunday at 11:59pm for the following week. You can place a hold by logging into your account, selecting Delivery Hold and placing your hold. Alternatively you can select Upcoming Deliveries and X the deliveries you need to skip. You can also email the dates you need to skip by Sunday at 11:59pm for the following week and we can place the hold for you. If you would like to donate your box to a family in need in lieu of placing a hold please email the date you would like to donate your delivery and we will charge you for that order and donate your items!

If you miss the deadline to hold your order for the following week you will still be charged for your order, but we can donate your share to a family in need. Please email to donate your share.

If you pay in full for a season and request a hold you will be eligible to receive repayment in the form of store credit or by transferring that balance to the next season.


This delivery truck is empty!